Get write back to basics – write a journal

Personal diaries and journals seem to have fallen out of favour these days. The idea of writing on a regular basis in a book has been long since replaced by blogging or micro blogging. What if you wanted a private journal to record thoughts , experiences, information that you want to review later – and you want to do it from you PC, Laptop and Ipad seamlessly. I would have been a big fan of OneNote in most cases but for the fact that its MS proprietary and that precludes the IPAD and mac platforms. I wanted something simple – uncluttered – something that looks like the yellow legal pads or two pages to a day huge diary that  I use for notes and research. So when I found Penzu – I thought that it suited this particular personal requirement quite well. I very quickly created the couple of entries I wanted and even with the free version found that it met my needs for now.

I liked the option for email reminders to prompt me to update as the particular thing I am planning to journal on is to happen every day or so and I want to update frequently to ensure that I get the details down for later review. I would have liked an option on print out to get the ruled lines displayed on the web version but its not too big a bind not to have them (and I can do it in a slightly different way with Snagit).

I haven’t had much experience with the IPAD version – perhaps another article will cover that.

Go on – give the free version a go – you never know it might get those creative juices flowing