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During a recent training course on optimising a particular applications performance in a fairly complex multi server configuration I was introduced to this tool which takes a lot off the heavy lifting out of getting performance logs and analysing them to see what bottlenecks or other issues may be occurring. This tool takes standard windows performance logs and summarises the results in a way that is comprehensive and also consistent across multiple runs of the performance logging. The app can be found here

Heres what the author says about the app ….

Project Description Ever have a performance problem, but don’t know what performance counters to collect or how to analyze them? The PAL (Performance Analysis of Logs) tool is a powerful tool that reads in a performance monitor counter log and analyzes it using known thresholds.


  • Thresholds files for most of the major Microsoft products such as IIS, MOSS, SQL Server, BizTalk, Exchange, and Active Directory.
  • An easy to use GUI interface which makes creating batch files for the PAL.ps1 script.
  • A GUI editor for creating or editing your own threshold files.
  • Creates an HTML based report for ease of copy/pasting into other applications.
  • Analyzes performance counter logs for thresholds using thresholds that change their criteria based on the computer’s role or hardware specs.

To use PAL

The PAL tool is primarily a PowerShell script that requires arguments/parameters passed to it in order to properly analyze performance monitor logs.


Operating Systems The tool is tested only tested on Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit. If you encounter problems with the tool on other operating systems, then consider reusing the tool on Windows 7 64-bit.
Required Products (free and public): – PowerShell v2.0 or greater. – Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 – Microsoft Chart Controls for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
Known Issues PAL must be ran under an English-US locale until globalization can be added. We are looking for assistance from users like you to help contribute to this cause.