Great news re Lotusphere 2011 content

Ever wanted to go to Lotusphere but couldn’t persuade the powers that be ?

Bill Malchisky – who I’ve seen at ILug presenting the Domino Linux stream

blogged here about the availability of the sessions from LotusSphere 2011

Joyce Davis helped fight the good fight for the Lotus Community and we won.
Today, her team released a significant quantity of Lotusphere 2011 content
covering all tracks–with MP3 files in many cases. This allows the larger
audience in the Lotus customer and partner space to benefit from the presented
knowledge. The ability to access the information after the event is something
where many have been vocal, and IBM listened–to their credit.


Bill advises …. 

That’s Great, But How Do I Access It?

Two things you need to do and you can use the benefit:

1) Go to this web site

2) Using your Greenhouse account, login; else create a free Greenhouse account first, then you will have access

Enjoy! This a great opportunity made available for the larger public. Be sure to take advantage of it so it can continue next year.


Thanks Joyce for getting this information published – Thanks Bill for letting us know. So tell anyone who is interested now and pass the word around. I know I’ll have a lot of listening and reading to do – can’t wait