Growling notifications in Xpages (Dgrowl)

As part of an application being developed with client – was looking for a more elegant messaging and notification scheme for the xpages. So I remembered having seen a Notes In 9 session by David Leedy and Brad Balassaitis – so dug it out from here and followed Brad’s instructions to get the libraries added to the nsf and made accessible to the test app. I decided to follow along with the show by doing it on my own development server – have to say I needed a few pauses to confirm code was the same as Brad’s example. Only difficulties I had were a few typos that meant the javascript wasn’t executing but viewing the xpage in Chrome and pressing F12 to get the debug showed me almost immediately what the issue was and once corrected I had my first slide in message appearing.

Brad does a good job of explaining the gotchas to get everything working  and then he does another article to show how to simply extend the idea with other styles of notification here.

If you don’t know what growl or in this case dgrowl are – they are a style of notification that uses dojo to put messages on screen either for a timed duration or as “sticky” messages to be acknowledged in your xpages app. What I liked about it was the simplicity of extending the approach and the relatively rapid setup (if you allow an hour you should be fine). I especially like the hierarchy of messages so that errors are at the top

To see the approach in use go to Brad’s demo page here and see all the examples (and other goodies too)