Hal – are there any non IT skills you have used to help clients ?

Hal – in your work have you had to use any skills that were not IT to complete projects ? John.

John – sometimes fate throws up a twist that means thinking outside the box. During a server consolidation project where comms equipment and wiring were being transferred to a larger cabinet – I discovered that the telecomms cabler had passed his multicore cable through a hole in the back of the old cabinet. The comms patch panels were too large for the hole – so they weren’t going out that way. The metal cabinet was also exceedingly thick.

Whilst pondering this conundrum – the client disappeared and returned holding a large petrol angle grinder. So between us and armed with a fire extinguisher –  a plate was cut from around the hole and once cooled another incision made to the central hole from the side. A little hammerering later and the cables were freed.. The cables were mounted in the other cabinet and the job completed.

The moral “The right tool for the right job” (don’t try this at the office).