Has Apple killed Safari for Windows ?

I actually use a range of browsers – including Safari on Windows. I was surprised to see some articles this morning suggest the end of the road for this alternative browser. Enjoying the choice that the Apple developed browser brings to a field which sometimes seems stagnant and limited in innovation – was something that many people will miss. Killing a browser that is rated in the top 4 for worldwide use seems counter intuitive.

Heres the gist of whats being reported ……

According to a report, Apple appears to have mostly scrubbed its site of any download links to the Windows version of Safari – perfectly timed for today’s release of Safari 6.

Safari for Windows might be sitting in a coffin, but Apple has yet to pound in the final nail; Windows users can still grab Safari for Windows version 5.1.7 after a little bit of hunting around Apple’s support pages.

Yes, that’s the version of Safari that shipped with OS X 10.7.4 this past May.