How long is too long (to wait on Amazon) ?

I pre-ordered a book from Amazon – a book on Xpages. I pre-ordered it in November – the 16th actually. Then I waited. And Waited. and Waited!

They sent me an email saying that it was delayed and so I waited some more. People began telling me that they had got their copy. And still I waited.

Finally it got to the point I could’nt wait any more and so in 5 minutes from IBM Press on the 5th of February – I had the ebook in my possession.

Time out Amazon – go and sit on the naughty step.

The moral for me is that I used to see Amazon as a reliable source of books / resources that I need to acquire. Through a series of events – delays – failures to deliver items – more delays and a pretty wretched experience for Christmas 2009 – I moved away from trusting their ability to deliver. I deliberately avoided them this Christmas. This might be the final nail in the coffin.

Online retainers like Amazon should note that patient customers aren’t patient forever. They take their business elsewhere.

Did you know do books – with free delivery ? 🙂