HP 1015 printing multiple pages of print job on same page !!

This is not as you might expect relating to the ability of some printers to print scaled down pages of a print job on a single page. Rather this was was a user who when printing multiple page print jobs from Word, Excel and Acrobat reader pdf files was getting exactly one page but with all of the printing superimposed on that page.

At first I thought it was a corrupt print driver – since the pages could be singly and individually printed but on removal and reinstallation with the latest hp supplied driver this still happened. Testing with another same model HP 1015 printer – duplicated the problems and exonerated the printer itself.

Then I wondered if the problem could be that the printer did not seem to be getting an instruction to feed a new sheet once the page had been printed.

This lead me to look at the print processor properties and a solution appeared in the form of changing the default data type from RAW to RAW [FF Auto].

It also dawned on me I had seen a similiar problem but with a different rational before. It was a situation where information was needed on one page from two different systems and the solution had been to write code to allow the two print jobs to combine – print to the same page and then eject the page (rather than have it printed and then fed in again for the second set of information to be printed).

So whilst not sure what caused the printer to have this setting on the PC at least the user can safely print multi page print jobs – and not just one page at a time.