I got the power ……

Sick of having to go on site to reboot a troublesome device that requires being powered off – or rebooted – or trying to talk a user through getting the correct machine selected through a maze of power cables ? Well then – its time to use remote power switching !!!

The IP-9258 shown above is a Ethernet/Web based 4-Channel mains switch unit. The IP 9258 can be controlled over TCP/IP network using generic Ethernet or Web browser without any software. Each independent outlet can be switched ON, OFF or Booted (OFF- delay-ON). The IP9258 uses internationally standard IEC 320 Inlet/Outlet connectors that make it easy to use anywhere in the world using locally available PC cables and adapters. Also includes a general purpose RS232 port.

Switch and check status of 4 mains power outlets via any web browser

Ethernet Interface with built-in web server – for use on local LAN, WAN or Internet

4 x switched mains outlets via standard IEC connectors.

Each output can switch up to 6A @ 250AC (maximum total switched current 10A)

Network Server reboot function – can remotely reboot the power of a PC or Server at a remote site

Timer Power Switch function – can pre-set the time schedule to turn power on / off through Internet / Ethernet.

WAP Mobile Phone Control – can use the GPRS cell phone to control via WAP

Compatible with wide selection of web browsers – Internet Explore, Netscape, Mozilla

Supported HTTP, SMTP, INTERNET- fixed IP, DDNS, DHCP, LAN – virtual IP Security passwords identify.

Easily installed and can be updated online.

Has a single gerneral purpose RS232 port with virtual comm port software

Separate LED indicates the status of each switch output.

Monitoring / Development tool (SNMP) is provided.

Now that you can see the functionality – where can you get one ? http://www.openxtra.co.uk