I killed a Blackberry and I liked it

Well actually I didn’t particularly like it since it happened on the one day this week I knew I would be out of the office. The background was that as I plugged it into my Vista 64 BIT machine to synchronise diary and PIM info – the blackberry desktop signalled that there were updates for the Blabkberry apps on the Bold itself. I allowed the upgrade to proceed – given that I had an hour to kill witing for something else to finish. Having had several blackberry models and having updated and upgraded them several times I wasn’t aiming for any issues – just a long update.


It appeared to run through but then stalled at net_rim_font_latin_truetype.cod. After giving it half an hour to respond and not being able to call Orange from it for support – in the end I had to disconnect and was left with a brick. White screen – with a thin white line at the top of the screen and then a few black lines before the remaining white screen. Despite repeated reboots and attempted resets I realised that the firmware was now corrupt and would probably have to be replaced.


Called Orange Business and explained to them – they tested remotely and confirmed unit was kapput. Next evening the replacement arrived  and sailed through the same upgrade which was presented after the initial synchronisation. However I’m now missing the apps that had been downloaded for this replacement device and will have to go through the process of downloading and getting ALL the apps changed to the new device PIN.

So upgraders beware…. Blackberry Desktop Manager