I read you loud and clear !

Documentation is one of the least regarded aspects of the work that an IT professional needs to cover. How many times have you had to trace cables in the heat of a problem only to realise that the documentation is either wrong or non existent. However there are tools available to help you with the cable specific documentation and labelling and this includes the Brady BMP41 labelling system. This consists of what I would describe as a large handheld (or cabinet mountable printer using the magnet accessory plate) and a collection of label cartridges and accessories to print and fix labels to a range of cable sizes and types.

The simplest use would be the self laminating labels for things like flyleads. You can generate the labels either on the printer of from the supplied Labelmark software on your PC. The label peels away from the backing and allows you to locate on cable and then fold the transparent lamination over which seals the printed part of the label.

Using a labelling scheme – for example V-001 or N-001 to differentiate between voice cables and Network cables will help you to document the equipment connected to various points and faceplates / patch panels.

The BMP41 copes with various widths of label and diameter of cable and the reseller (IDENTIPRO www.identipro.co.uk) can advise on the best model for the types of projects you may have. the printer can or course print vinyl labels for other equipment – switches – PC’s – servers etc.

So the next time you are cleaning up a cabinet or commissioning one – take the time to plan the cable runs and documentation – that way when a problem arises you aren’t trying to track cables.

Finally – Two other points that come up time and time again – use the right length of cable for the job and use cable management wherever possible.