I Skype .. therefore .. I am – Skype on the Ipad

Just had a chance to work with Skype on the Ipad. I thought the interface was okay if a little less intuitive than PC and getting a default view of only the online contacts took a moment or two. Call quality on an original ipad on wireless was spot on and I could see this for short calls when away from desk or laptop.  Would be interesting to see video quality  between say a laptop and ipad 2. At least its another extension to the capabilities of the Ipad. I’ve been trying to get to the point where the ipad can take the place of my trusty tablet pc but still it lacks some of the applications or sheer practicality. Especially with remote access tools like LogmeIn and RDP – still needs to be more work done to make it all just work. Data input will always be issue for IPad without the use of accessories.

Anyway – seems like it could just be a few more months to Ipad3 ? Who knows. More speed – bigger better screen ? IOS 5 and a plate of chips anyone ? Must start writing list for Santa 🙂