I wouldn’t start from here – if you want to go there

Sage advice sometimes or useless information othertimes. Different people have different approaches in coming to terms with the changes they have to or want to make. It was at a Microsoft event discussing issues about Windows Vista and the forthcoming service pack that I noted a change in the tone of Microsoft’s approach to Vista and its future rollout.

In simple terms – it acknowledged that the best place for Vista is on new machines built for the purpose and in a fresh environment – preferably with Server 2008 as the server O/S for the network.


Yes finally they are telling users the truth of a new operating system launch – compatibility is all. The need for drivers that support the range and depth of peripherals – the hardware specs that are really required to get the full O/S experience and the training / preparation that should be carried out – thats the truth of any new O/S adoption for anything larger than a one man band.

So – the fixes and additions for the service pack include server 2008 issues (for new functionality in security) and real performance changes for some current problems – but I guess that additional drivers and the rollup of security patches present the best case for getting Vista at least in front of the people who will be rolling out and supporting this new O/S as part of an existing or new network infrastructure.