IBM Connections gets polls and surveys

A recent announcement from IBM gives Connections Polls/Surveys which has been a bugbear for users or communities requiring this functionality.

IBM (through Luis Benitez) announced it here

and he said

Today, I’m happy to announce the availability of IBM Connections 4.5 IFR1 . This new release adds Surveys and Polls for communities at no additional cost to our IBM Connections customers.

With community polls and surveys, you can:

  • Create and conduct surveys and polls among the members of an IBM Connections community
  • Use the built-in survey designer to create the questions and rules with no coding skills — just drag-n-drop!
  • View the results of surveys and polls as chart or a table or export to a spreadsheet
  • Share polls/surveys with other community managers
  • Community members can participate in surveys/polls directly from the Connections mobile app