IE soon to be 9 ?

Looking at the limited preview of the next IE release makes me wonder where the focus of Microsofts development in the area of its browser are headed. Okay some of the demos are interesting in a technical way – such as the svg Asteroids demo but the other enhancements might pass users by unless they specifically are using sites that have gone out of their way to use these new fangled techno features.

Most users these days have access to multiple browsers and favour those that are fast – light and blend into their work by providing additional functionality and features. I on a daily basis use at least three browsers – two for specific applications and functions and the other for general browsing.

Microsoft need to see the browser as a lighter faster more reliable tool that the currently chunky and prone to crash IE. I only hope that they use the oppportunities with the next release to addres some of the current concerns rather than focusing on whizz bang features that a minority of users even notice.