I’m a Firebug – A twisted Firebug – doodle oodle oodle oodle (apologies to The Prodigy)

Firebug in this context is a Firefox addon from here which aids in debugging and correcting Javascript code and CSS layouts and XML.

With it installed into Firefox you can

Inspect and edit HTML (changing it on the fly to see effect)

Tweak CSS – again make on the fly changes to get what you want before changing your code

Visualise CSS issues – fix those problems with padding and borders to get what you want

Monitor network activity – whats taking time to load on the pages

Debug and profile javascript – see whats running and for how long – tune your code

Explore the DOM – see inside the Document Object Model


These items only scratch the surface of this tool and I look forward to its insight in xpages and other web development I have in mind.


PS – there is a “lite” version available for other browsers i.e non firefox