I’m sorry Attensa – its over ….

I had to say goodbye to an application that has served me well for a long time. My feed reader of choice was Attensa River of News which due to the fact that Attensa no longer support or develop it and that it was increasing unable to subscribe to certain types of feed – I decided it was time to part ways.

I exported the full list of feeds that were contained in Attensa and imported them into Feed Demon which I had chosen as a replacement. Once loaded I tested with several feeds that Attensa has baulked at and they worked fine.

The interface is busier than Attensa but its similar enough in operation to allow me to pretty much switch with missing a beat so I’m hopeful that this will be a good switchover.

So far I’ve been able to catch up on most of the feeds I follow and the application has indicated quite a number that are no longer active – so some housekeeping has reduced the amount I have to check.

You can pick up the free lite version of Feeddemon here