Installing Intellipool Network Monitor (INM)

So you need to monitor the performance, capacity, responsiveness of the machines and devices that make up your network? Well you’ve come to the right place for a summary of the process of installaing and configuring Intellipool’s INM – a package which runs on a PC or server and monitors a range of items – including memory, disk space, CPU utilisation, network card use and a host of other testing capabilities.

Firstly you need to download the package from – in this example I’m going to install the distributed version of the software since I have a group of remote servers that I wish to monitor – in your case the standard version is probably more suitable if you are only monitoring machines on your network and don’t require remote servers reporting back to the central machine.

Once downloaded – installing the application requires only a few choices to be made. A wizard guides you through the web based configuration – and allows you to select the username and password for the account that you will use to login to INM and the email address and telephone number for notifications of alerts or changes in monitored status. The telephone number is for SMS notifications and this requires and additional piece of hardware to faciltate the SMS messages and this will be covered in another article.

Just as I was about to publish a detailed setup procedure – Intellipool announce they now have an online demo of INM that you can try out now. So get typing and go to to see what this innovative software offers.