Instant WordPress on a USB stick!

Whilst researching some how-to’s on WordPress I came across a free piece of software called “Instant WordPress”. One of the claims it made was to be able to run WordPress from a USB key! That’s quite a claim I thought so I downloaded the software from Instant WordPress and gave it a go.

I installed the software on a USB key as required – did a bit of configuration as required and was running the 2011 WordPress theme directly from a USB stick within 5 minutes! …..mindblowing!

I needed to know more and as I was so impressed with the software I bought the userguide from the site for $25 (about £17) – fair enough if they give the software away freely then they are entitled to try to make some money in other ways.

The guide talked about taking a backup of an existing WordPress blog and running it from a USB key – for local development, testing of themes, widgets and generally playing about with a site without the fear of messing it up completely.

So I actually took a copy of this site and within 10 minutes was running an exact duplicate from a USB key!

The next stage is to do some development on an Instant WordPress installation and migrate it up to a live site. Once I’ve done that I’ll write another post!