IO – IO – its off to work we go

I have a project starting shortly that aims to use a new product to improve the performance of a database application. It came up as an option during hardware negotiations with Dell who are offering the product as  a part of their server configurations. The basic premise is that the device which is presented as a PCI x4 card can radically change the IO profile that you can offer an application. I look forward to the benchmarking that we have arranged and have already spoken to a number of customers who would benefit from this technology.

The suppliers blurb gives the following …

The ioDrive is a revolutionary new solid state technology that dramatically increases bandwidth and application performance, reduces latency, and simplifies your IT infrastructure, all while slashing capital and operating costs.

  • Integrates with servers at the system bus and kernel level, creating a new Flash memory tier
  • Not an SSD
    – easily outperforms dozens of SSDs and a single server
  • Accelerates applications, improves response times, and boosts efficiency
  • Reduces storage latencies and eliminates I/O bottlenecks
  • Delivers the performance of thousands of disk drives in a single server
  • From 160GB – 640GB of enterprise-grade, solid-state Flash
  • Easy to use, highly reliable

Take a look at the specs …


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