IOS 6 day – a bit watery perhaps

After the hype of the iphone 5 – its back to getting the compatible devices you already have up to the latest version. I have come to dread these moments as I know that at least one client will hit a roadbump while doing this. I even tried to head some of it off by advising some clients on the length of time that the upgrade to on and Iphone 4 and Ipad2 so that they wouldn’t end up with with a phone off line during work hours. My experience was that kicked off at the same time the Ipad finished first and rebooted back into operation without fuss. The iphone came back up also but much slower and seemed to spend a very long time on the final boot.

The results from users I spoke to after upgrades reported some issues with calls disappearing and I certainly found in some circumstances that the quality of some calls was decidedly “watery”. This seems to have settled slightly and it also co-incided with changes to the Orange mobile network (rolling out the new EE 4G capable network).