IPAD2 – as good as we thought ?

The coverage for the release of the IPAD2 and the surprise appearance of the glorious leader – Steve Jobs was quite impressive.  When the Times gives over several articles to the technical and business review of Apples latest baby – Ipad is now mainstream. The interesting bits of those articles relate to the number sold, the percentage of the tablet market and the percentage of the Apple profit that comes from the device. So why change the winning formula ? Apple know you cannot stay still. The wannabe tablets or wannapads as I call them are two a penny and some of them are worth that. A half pence I mean.

The addition of a second camera and new connection accessories for htmi output show that peer pressure does work but its interesting that the heralded “retina” screen didn’t make it. My guess is that Apple have to keep the innovation going and that to wait for everything to be in place gives too much opportunity for the others to muscle in. I suppose it now means speculation as to what will be in the IPad3 or perhaps TriPad ?

Other noticeable updates are for IOS and this is due in a week or so – could be additional functionality for the device and the existing ipad and iphone populations. We’ll see.