Iphone update

In preparation for the imminent SDK release / announcement I popped my Iphone in the caddy attached to a Windows XP pro pc and waited to get the February update … see first the notes as

iPhone Software
Version 1.1.4

This version of the software includes bug fixes and supersedes all previous versions.

For feature descriptions and complete instructions, see the users guide for your iPhone at:

For more information about iPhone, go to:

To troubleshoot your iPhone, or to view additional support information go to:

For detailed information on Security Updates, please visit this website:

Selecting the Download and install option in iTUNES leads to the start of the actual update …

Then the wait for the 162.1MB of updates to download …….

The update completes through Itunes – a silver Apple logo is displayed on the rebooted phone and an Updating Iphone Software dialog box is displayed. Following this a dialog box with Verify Update Iphone Software is displayed – and finally Updating Iphone Firmware.

An image showing a lead an arrow and an itunes logo is displayed. At this point I removed and reinserted the unit into the caddy and finally – Iphone boots and message “Iphone is activated” is displayed.

Back in Itunes I see the message “Your Iphone software is up to date. Itunes will automatically check for an update on 5/3/08” – and so we wait for the next thrilling installment of Iphone software updates ….