Is there a hole in your Dropbox ?

A potential Dropbox security breach has sparked concerns about cloud application security and has given some corporate Dropbox customers reason to tighten their employee use policies.

A number of Dropbox users clustered throughout Europe have recently reported they received spam from an online casino. Those being spammed said they signed up for the popular cloud storage and file-syncing service with an email address created specifically for Dropbox.

Those of us who support the IT function for clients  have reason for concern because many people use the same logins and passwords for both work and personal services. A security breach at Dropbox could potentially lead to a hacker finding access to corporate systems.

In its defense – Dropbox said it has not had any reports of unauthorized use, and it has hired an outside team of security experts to assist them in determining the root of the problem.

Though the breach may be benign, it’s a  serious reminder how insecure the cloud can be. Unsecured data has no place on the web or in the cloud. Make sure you know where yours is.