Issues resolving pages with BT Infinity FTTC service (or have you paid your bill?)

This has occurred several times in the last year for clients. Ever since the rollout for FTTC rolled out there have been a spate of cases where clients say that they can no longer resolve web sites. You investigate and realise you can ping sites and use other protocols such as ftp to access remote sites but not http/https.

Well before you disappear down the rabbit hole looking for a blue pill – take a step back – ring BT and check that there are no billing issues. Especially if this is the first month after signing up – where you have yet seen a bill from BT and their “ultra efficient” billing team have decided – in the words of “I’m a Celebrity” – “Its you”.

So in order to get you to pay on time everytime BT employ the side pressure of turning you off. Their support staff say a page should be displayed telling you that there is a billing issue – they don’t know what they are talking about. No client with this problem so far has seen anything other than blank browsers.

So in this case don’t think tech problem – think BT jobsworths.