Keeping in touch with IBM Connections – a plugin for Outlook

IBM Connections provides a social media platform for business , organisations and individuals to collaborate and interact. I am working on a project relating to Connections hosting and was delighted to  find a plugin for Outlook that allows me the same interaction that I have been carrying out through a browser with this particular connections site.

You can find the addon on IBM Greenhouse – you will need an account but beyond that is a download with both an x86 and x64 installer. The installer is simply run and the final info that you need is the server url, username and password for your connections account.

Beyond that the addin is simple to use and very functional – four tabs with Files, Communities, Updates and Profiles. Great to be able to drag and drop files into it and see updates to the communities in Outlook.

Does what it says on the tin. You should be able to get from here