Keeping your MS Access data safe

Many clients have legacy apps that have an access database storing important business critical data. Mainly the normal backup software that is used for backing up user files is used but if a more frequent backup of the files is required then thats not going to be sufficient. One client who had suffered data corruption and data loss under another IT provider asked if they could have additional measures to allow them to make multiple backups of a multi database application.

Thats were a utility called Back-End Backup Tool from JKP Application Development Services (here) comes into its own.

In the developers words


Do you have one or more split Access database systems which are permanently in use? Then you probably know you can’t just copy their back-end files to create a backup of them as the copies might become corrupt. This database tool allows you to make scheduled backups for an unlimited amount of Access databases. The tool keeps three backup copies of each database it backs up.

Updated to build 004:

  • Also copies the relationships to the backup copy.
  • Skips linked tables