Kindle Fire HD – a library in your pocket

Having been a Kindle “Classic” user since the device came out I have only recently moved to a Kindle Fire HD due to a hardware failure and its quite a big change in speed and interface. The device is mainly used for carrying ebooks and specifically technical manuals. I have to say the speed of transfer and the subsequent use of  the pdfs that I carry on the new device has been a joy as it means ready access to the documents I need wherever I am.

So far my experience has been a very positive one and although the unit is heavier than the original Kindle – the new features more than make up for it. The only other issue is getting it synced up with Calibre which is what holds my other library of ebooks – ones not purchase from Amazon which were easily synchronised via Wifi when the deveice was set up.

Any way the device gets its first major test on a three day trip to Icon UK which starts on Monday next – see you in Brighton.