Leppin’ – a warning to those who will

Leppin’ is defined in Northern Ireland as the act of jumping around, quickly and usually with a minimum of muscular co-ordination. At the Horslips gig in the Waterfront Hall last night – there were displays of Leppin’ that frankly I haven’t experienced in over 25 years. The fact that the people doing the Leppin’ last night were in fact probably doing the Leppin’ 25 years ago was a testament to their commitment in keeping this cultural nugget alive and their frank disbelief that they would not be paying for this exercise this morning and for some days to come – is pretty amazing.

The gig was yet again a triumph in showmanship and delivery as the “Farewell” gig last year (Now Known as the “Final Farewell 2009 Version” to differentiate from the Final Final 2010 version of course) showed that the band still have what it takes to perform. The stage and sound system were great as expected and the main floor not too crowded (by mainly over 30’s out for a “Slither on the Bourds” as we call this form of “dancing” in Northern Ireland) – so as to facilitate some Leppin’.

The choice of songs from the huge range they could have played was impressive – with a few specials including a brass section and female backing singers – only ever featured on DanceHall Sweethearts – and not done live to my understanding except for this tour. I missed the epic “I’ll be waiting” but was rewarded with the pinnacle of  Dearg Doom blasted out and responded to by the crowd en mass.

All I can say is that I really did not think I would get to see the Band again – nor to witness the delivery of their classic songs that suggested they had never really stopped playing – merely put it on pause for 25 years. So lightning can strike the same place twice.

Good Night Belfast ….

fade to Horslips (clap clap clap) – Horslips (clap clap clap) – Horslips (clap clap clap) ……….