Life after Windows 8 – the search for a device that works for me

After last weeks launch I went to a couple of shops to see what the current crop of windows 8 laptops with touchscreens were like. I was disappointed to say the least since any that were there for display (in one shop) had a note saying “Don’t touch” – which is ironic for a touchscreen device. Other locations proved either thin on the ground for windows 8 machines especially touch based or were a better location to pick up bargains such as cost reduced windows 7 machines.

So my challenge is to settle on a machine that fufils all of the needs I have with this kind of device. Portable – good battery life. Good touchscreen functionality. Price that doesn’t break the bank.

I know what the previous Touchsmart TX2 cost and how reliable it was (as well as portable) so I have a fairly high bar for a new device but feel confident that something out there should match my needs. A tablet on its own does not appeal as I have windows apps that I must be able to take with me.

So I am off to look closer at the suppliers offerings and costs to see what the next must have Windows 8 device will be.