Life without Steve

At a recent social gathering – the subject of Steve Jobs and Apple came up. Interesting to see how far Apple and Steve have penetrated the general population rather than just the IT crowd. The topics ranged over the Apple approach to products and “innovation” through the previous history of Apple and some of the milestones that they have passed.

I was surprised by the level of feeling for Steve Jobs (since then we have had his resignation as CEO) as I am sure that none of the attendees could have identified many of the other industy luminaries (including Bill Gates) or spoken with such knowledge about the products and ethos of another company say HP or IBM.

Steve’s input will no doubt be missed – and although I personally am against the closed door nature of the Apple IOS platform – we would not have half the leading products that Apple have introduced or influenced.

As with many people I look forward to the next launch of Ipad and Iphone and IOS and whatever other products the Apple-ite designers (should we call them Pips?) have in their magic white top hat.

I hope Steve continues to direct and push the Apple direction – perhaps in the virtual space (including OS virtualisation) with Icloud.