Live text – a Notes 8 client feature

Thi has been in the Notes client for probably about 2 years but I’d say most people either don’t know about it or know it has a name. Live text allows Notes to recognise patterns in text (in any notes document) and then perform an action on that which might include looking up  a name, checking company stock values, finding the details of a stock item, tracking a package – you get the idea.  The text thats recognised is underlined in in a style and colour for example blue dashed lines.

So how does it work and how could you use it?

Well first a few things you need to know. 1) Live text works on documents NOT in edit mode – ie not being edited. 2) a recogniser for the tpe of text you have in mind must be defined and Active.

Some further points should be noticed, Live Text can be recognized in a document only when the document is in read mode, that is, Live Text can not be recognized if document is in edit mode. The other point should be noticed is that not all texts in Notes document could be recognized. The following texts in a document could be recognized as Live Text:

  • Text in the form design, such as labels.
  • Computed text on the form.
  • Contents of data fields in the document with a few exceptions (see the following list).

The contents of the following data fields will not be recognized:

  • Hidden fields.
  • Any native operating system style fields including the List box and fields in a layout region.
  • Checkbox fields.
  • Radio button fields.
  • Names fields including Reader and Author fields

This comes from a good article here  that explains in more detail what Live Text is and gives a simple example to set up a recogniser