Living with a Fitbit Surge

Having previous had the Fitbit Zip – in fact two of them I had experienced the app and the tools that the units offer for tracking activity. However the ease of losing the units did not enamour them to me so I considered alternatives but eventually settled on the Fitbit Surge. The wrist mounted “watch” has various features for tracking activities including running , hiking and yoga etc but the basic use for me is the pedometer and the number of steps taken.

Synchronisation  is done with either a smartphone or PC via the dongle provided with the device. This allows reports of the activity and achievements such as 10000 or 15000 steps in a day or number of stairs climbed in a day. You can also compare with friends who can choose to share info such as total number of steps per week. You get emails if various achievements are reached too.

Overall I am impressed by the battery life and the useful reports and am interested by the integration with smart scales to tie up exercise with weight loss. The unit has now replaced my main watch. I can certainly recommend the unit and have already discussed it merits with a number of friends who are looking for something to help track progress and keep an eye on the (in)activity that sedentary office work can bring.

After about 2 months use I can see that the Fitbit is certainly Fit for purpose!!