Living with the Enemy ?

As part of projects we are finding more and more that clients are looking to mobilise data and systems to make them accessible to end users in the field. Xpages facilitates this through the mobile controls and other third party approaches such as Xcontrols. However when the issue becomes the fact that the application needs to be a native mobile app then the choices of development platform narrows quite a bit.

After being a Windows user since version 2 – it was quite a culture shock to start working on a new development platform and OS at the same time. Acquiring a MacBook Pro 15 with Xcode is the start of a journey that will no doubt throw up its fair share of gotchas – especially in terms of tooling and problems to be solved. So expect many more articles with an OSX slant going forward.

The first two oddities relate specifically to the Notes Client (9.01) running on Osx El Capitan.

The first was an obscure message regarding the use of a library call in a domino app and manifested itself as a “Error loading USE or USELSX module: *LSXODBC” message when opening a domino form


At first I wondered what it was doing calling ODBC since the app in question doesn’t require it. However a search found it against a button used to test some code for another app which had not been removed from the form after testing. A quick cleanup and review of the form cleared the error which I assume is because the module in question is a Windows only module and doesn’t exist for OSX.

The second oddity was an input issue. Whilst in a Notes app – where I had previous been able to input text into fields and update – I suddenly could not enter any text in any field but still operate the form by selecting tabs and buttons. Saving and closing the form had no effect. Even closing the app in the client would not allow input. A restart of the client cleared and the issue has not reoccurred. I hope to update fix packs on this app to see if that permanently cures the issue.