Lotuslive – Sametime and Lotus Notes client – bringing them together

If you are a user of LotusLive  and also have a Lotus Notes client you can plug into sametime via the Lotuslive server. From the Lotuslive server url https://apps.lotuslive.com/im/ you will see the following advice

Communicate in real time

Two ways to get Instant Messaging for LotusLive.

1. Are you an existing Lotus Sametime user? Simply add us as a new community.

Go to your Sametime Preferences, then click Communities > Add New Community. Next, make sure that you have the following Information:

  • Community type: Sametime
  • Community name: LotusLive
  • On the Log In tab enter your LotusLive User Name and Password
  • On the Server tab
    • Enter the Host Server: im.lotuslive.com
    • Make sure the Community port is set to 1533

Note about the Community port setting: Some firewall restrictions might prohibit you from logging in to the LotusLive community on port 1533. If you cannot connect, change the Community port to 80, and try to log in again.

2. If you do not have an existing Sametime client, download and install Instant Messaging.

Select your operating system to download and install instant messaging for LotusLive:

  • Linux (RPM-based)
  • In this case you have a client in the Notes 8.5.x client – you need to simply use the sidepanel – go into the sametime preferences and add the server above – your Lotuslive id and password. Once it signs in you still have one thing to do – invite other sametime users into the community. Once you have issued the invite and your contact has accepted you can use the add contact to search for the contact you invited. Then you should be rewarded with your own sametime community – to enhance access to your Lotuslive activities via the sidebar.

    Note – if you don’t do the invite stage you will not be able to add anyone via the search!!!!