Making Office Connections

Nothing lives in isolation these days so how do you integrate Connections with your office tools. With the IBM Connections desktop plugin from here. You will need a greenhouse account – you can create one easily at the site. Close all office apps then install the plugin and reboot your machine to let it  take effect.

The IBM Connections Desktop Plug-ins for Microsoft Windows provides the following features from Microsoft Windows Explorer:

  • Upload local files to IBM Connections from Windows Explorer or from your desktop
  • Share uploaded files with people, communities, or folders in IBM Connections
  • Work on files locally and publish them to IBM Connections
  • View people’s contact details and get in touch with them
  • Pin, follow, or like IBM Connections files and folders
  • View or contribute comments for a file
  • Lock a file when you are editing it to prevent file conflicts
  • View and restore files from IBM Connections Trash
  • Share folders with IBM Connections Communities
  • NEW Support for IBM SmartCloud for Social Business