Master of all you Servoy ?

Been looking at some new development tools for various client requirements but one that caught my interest was Servoy. There is a community edition (which basically allows you to experiment with a full blown version) available here. There are a couple of features that suggest it would be useful for a couple of projects that I have been looking at for clients. The simple inclusion of foxpro dbf file integration will definitely be a plus for at least one solution. The fact that its Eclipse based will also help since Lotus Notes designer is also Eclipse based.

So there are quite a few demos on the Servoy site that are worth looking through before you evaluate the product but certainly this one is worth a look if you are try to select a product for your development needs and you want something rapid yet simple enough to get started. There seems to be a fair amount of traction for VFP developers looking for web based solutions – will be interesting to see what can be done with this solution.