Maxivista returns with Vista, Windows 7 and 64 bit support

I mentioned Maxivista before here as a tool to allow you to have multiple screens which are actually the desktops of other machines. The idea is that you can have control over the machines from one keyboard and mouse but use the multiple pysical screens you have to display your main machine and the others that you link using Maxivista. I had reduced my use of the application when I switched my main machine to Vista 64 Bit and was hoping that issues with Vista signed drivers and a lack of a 64 bit version cold be corrected. So I’ll be getting reacquainted with the application very soon and will be back with any other goodies I find.

A summary of the main new features of version 4

New features in MaxiVista v4
Please find an overview about the new features of the latest MaxiVista version:

New clipboard synchronization
Clipboard Sharing allows you to synchronize the clipboards of all MaxiVista connected computers. Instead of using normal network shares, version 4 now uses a proprietary encrypted data channel to exchange clipboard information. This is easier to setup, more reliable and saves you from network configuration issues.

Support for Windows Vista
After more than two years of research and development we have finally found a solution for the restrictions introduced by Windows Vista that prevents using multiple video adapters of different makers.

We are proud to offer the long-awaited support for Windows Vista, even if WDDM video card drivers are used. No need to switch back to XPDM drivers anymore.

Please note, that Aero transparency effects are disabled while MaxiVista is in use.

Support for 64 Bit operating systems
As the MaxiVista virtual video drivers are now digitally signed, MaxiVista can now also be used on 64 Bit operating systems. You can also mix 32 and 64 Bit Windows variants.

New screen resolutions
New laptop types such as NetBooks introduced new screen resolutions. These have been added to the latest MaxiVista version.