MD3200i upgrade and the case of the disappearing updates

This incident related to the scheduled upgrade for an MD3200i SAN from Dell. Having spoken to the support staff in advance we had been advised that we would have to use a bridging version of firmware to allow use to get from an early firmware version A0 to A07 in preparation for adding another esx host to a cluster. We downloaded the updates in preparation – including a new version of the Powervault management software.

Thats where the easiness ended. In the meantime Dell decided to change the support site and inadvertently hid all of the versions of software and firmware. So what we had downloaded was a previous version but as it was the only one available in the list we assumed it was the latest.

At first the upgrade could not proceed as the management software was not happy about having management ports on different subnets – we corrected that only to find that if you have any errors in the log on the MD3200i – then you must not only resolve them but you must clear the log.

After the first firmware update we attempted to apply the A07 update – another call to Dell Prosupport identified that the version of management software needed was not available via the support site – due the problem above so we were given a url to get it from directly. Another relatively quick install of the update and we were running the most up to date support version of software.

So even with Dell switching the locations of files just at a critical moment – we were still able to get the files through Prosupport – nice one.