More Au Revoir than Bonjour I think

A recent issue with Itunes caused a user some conternation. The application flagged that there was an update available and the client decided to try and install it. However when the client finished the download they found that none of the executables were valid according to the error message that was displayed. Clearing temp folders and old copies of the installers did nothing to help. Removing the application was the final step but when attempting to install a freshly downloaded 64bit copy of itunes from the apple site – it stalled during the install and cancelled itself.

The solution – remove the Bonjour service – before attempting the itunes install. Do this through add remove programs or programs and features and reboot. Then run the install. Bonjour should be reinstalled during this process but if not you can download it from Apple.

Finally one happy camper with the latest release – ready for Christmas.