More fun Yammering

I had cause to look further into the Yammer package capabilities for users of my Yammer network. The issue was that my fellow yammerers were not necessarily at a PC when they needed to update. One was experiencing a block through their corporate internet provider blocking what they described as a “chat site”. So what can you do for them ?

Well in this case its not online access to the site that the users required more publishing from the one device that they would have with them at all times – a mobile. By going through the process with all my yammer users I was able to register their mobiles and get them to test their yammer capabilities directly. So that solves one issue.


The other was that some of the users don’t have access to the main email address that they are registered on Yammer with. Easy Peasy. Just add their preferred email address – have them respond and activate that and they can use that to Yammer from another email account.


Note at the time of setting up – some delays in the publishing delay appear to have crept into Yammer but I think this is just a temporary glitch

The yammer package does appear to have some value in keeping busy individuals in contact and for capturing useful information at the time it occurs. I’ll let you know more about this in future posts.