NComputing Vspace Server

This app claims the most user density per dollar and supports up to 100 users sessions per OS – to give a cost effective VDI solution. The idea is that by reducing the number of hardware hosts and virtual machines required this reduces the overall costs.  The product supports 32 and 64 bit O/S including server 2008r2 and 2003 and Ubuntu linux 10.04. You can find out more here

I’ve seen quite a few apps or parts of virtualisation infrastructure that claim to deliver what clients need in terms of VDI. In this case we have inherited a solution based on this with some performance issues and configuration problems so it will be interesting to see if the tool lives up to the hype. The client environment are thin clients and a terminal server based VDI infrastructure running Vspace.

As always the o/s licensing is the key to the overall project costs and this might actually be the difference between marketing and reality. An interesting project looms ahead and no doubt there will be more from this over time