Need charts on your xpages ?

Researching charts and diagrams for an upcoming project – I came across this in the OpenNTF catalog. If you need a simple chart mechanism try this. I think this is the easiest approach I have seen to getting the fast results that developers crave when testing proof of concepts or demos.

The author Julian Buss describes it as

A ready-to-use custom control for making charting with Dojo fast and easy.

Usage: drag the control onto your XPage and set the “dataSeries” property so that it gets a JavaScript Array with numbers, that’s it.

You can control the following chart properties:

  • labels for X and Y axis
  • font and font-color for labels
  • min/max for X and Y axis
  • show only natural numbers on the axis yes/no
  • color of the axis lines
  • theme of the cart
  • chart type (lines, bars, pie…)
  • height and width
  • tooltips yes/no

You can put this control multiple times on one XPage so that you have multiple charts on the same page.

Click here to see a demo.

As mentioned OpenNTF is THE place to start when looking at xpages development and code snippets and controls – so you gotta go there !!