New information resource – admin magazine

Came across this in a flyer in a Linux magazine and contacted the publisher to see if I could get the back issues and start a subscription.  I had checked around an no shops appeared to have it locally. They were very helpful and the four back  issues dropped through my letter box from Germany earlier this week. It has actually been quite useful as I found a number of things in each of the issues that I was either looking for or that has inspired me to go looking for more. The main thing I like about the magazine (which you can find out more about here) is that it straddles both the Linux and Windows worlds which is where many modern IT consultants find themselves since in order to offer the greatest value to clients you need to be competent in both arenas.

Perhaps the next stage of development for the magazine might be a web based / ipad based subscription or application ? Anyway I’m enjoying picking up some interesting ideas and hope they continue in the vein they have been developing as it gives a very broad range on information with enough depth to allow you to appreciate if it has any merit for you.



The publisher has advised that they are  going to be introducing PDF subscriptions (and single issues) very soon (hopefully next month) but certainly this summer. Then an ePUB format is planned for future development !!