New Year – New Plan

I started this year wondering about whether I could keep up the last two years pattern of a blog for every week day. Well due to other constraints and projects that have required more time an attention than normal I have decided that this year will be a more occasional blogging event – not necessarily any less articles and comments but less emphasis on the daily production. I think sometimes quantity seems to overtake quality when numbers of blog items are concerned. I have rarely found that I have no new material to write about as the daily support and consultancy work I am involved in brings an incredible variety of issues to be resolved. So I will be using the opportunity each week to look back at the issues that have arisen and select some of those to document and publish – in the hope they help others. So enough about the new year plan. Whats happening ?

Okay the latest development for me was a move to Fibre to Cabinet (FTTC). The technology has been around for quite some time and in fact we have installed dozens of circuits for clients but due to timing was only just made available on our exchange. As soon as it was possible an upgrade to our Plusnet service was ordered and a BT engineer duly arrived to change over the line to the new FTTC cabinet.

Initial feelings are that the new service is so much smoother and fast than the previous adsl service – giving us 40 mb down and 5 MB up which has improved remote access to services we publish. So if it is in your area and you can get at least comparable speeds with your existing broadband – this is well worth your consideration. We actually saved money migrating to the service and got much better caps and speed – so treat yourself. Go faster !!!