No install option in Domino Designer 8.5.2 under Application ?

As part of researching a tool for allowing wireframe mockups off applications to be developed – the author of the program pointed me to a blog that mentioned how to integrate the application into Eclipse – or in my case the Domino Designer.

This then prompted me to check the blog and discover indirectly tje answer to a query regarding installing sidebar apps in the Notes 8.5.2 client. This is the lack of the Install / Application management on the File / Application menu in Domino designer. Although the blog mentions a fix I discovered that a simpler option is available in the Preferences under General – which is “Enable Eclipse plug-in install”.

Tick that – apply it and you will be rewarded with the missing two options appearing in the file / applications menu.

So thanks Peter for that indirect solution to someone elses problem. Back to integrating the app in Designer and more about the app itself in a future blog.