Not scared – mildly worried ! I killed Bumptop

Oh no – I killed my Bumptop…..

Unstacked a pile of icons and generated an Internal Error which the application tried to resolve. Ignoring the error gave me a badly corrupted vision of my 3D desktop.

Well it is beta (16) – and I should still expect an experimental version to have glitches. I wasn’t overly enamoured with the support arrangements – a fulfilment web site where you published the query and hoped someone would pick up.

However the dismay was not well founded. Bumptop contacted me for more information and I was able to supply a couple of screen shots. Then they responded with a technical hint to remove two files ‘scene.bump’ and ‘scene.bump.bak’. One quick restart later and I have a working desktop.

Now back to waiting for some of the new features and functionality being explored on the forums – for my 2p worth – multiple screen support !!! I also apologise for calling it Bumtop – that really was a typo 🙂