Notes 8 STANDARD client won’t close

I’ve experienced an annoyance since upgrading to the Gold release of Notes 8 client on a XP machine. It does not close down even with all of the databases closed. The basic client when run does close properly. If I kill the process and restart Notes – I have the same configuration as I had before killing it – i.e open databases and records that I had previously (and this does not change – its the same two databases and the same single document!)

However the other thing that bugged me is that navigators get mangled after restarting Notes ie. they revert to showing the views available rather than the buttons on the navigator. I have also noted this on Vista as well on the same release.

Guess its time for an update and see if the problem disappears with an update or a clean installation

Some background though on the differences between Notes 8 standard and basic configurations

Two Configurations

Lotus Notes 8 client is a single install, and it has two different configurations it can run in: Notes 8 (Standard Configuration) and Notes 8 (Basic Configuration).

Notes 8 (Standard Configuration) is a culmination of new goals, and new technologies to support those goals; it makes use of the Java-based Eclipse technology to enhance existing Notes functionality (mail, calendar, contacts, etc.) and provide new features such as sidebars, etc. Eclipse architecture allows the integration of other applications, such as Productivity Tools and Composite Applications, into Notes.

Notes 8 (Basic Configuration) is very similar in experience to the Notes 7 client. It is available for cases in which the client machine’s memory is too low to run the standard configuration. As in previous releases of Notes, clients running the basic configuration can access only applications that reside on Domino servers, and can use only the 3.x implementation of embedded Sametime Contacts.

To launch Notes 8 (Basic Configuration), create a shortcut on your desktop to point to nlnotes.exe in the Notes program directory. Or, simply launch nlnotes.exe .