Notes client as single “pane of glass” information view

I recently added some simple functionality to a helpdesk application written in Notes. I have a number of third party apps such as Sugar CRM , Nagios and Yammer that I constantly refer to and access. So I decided to add url buttons for the apps inside the Notes app in a navigator. These open a browser window within the Notes client allowing me to run those apps and the Notes applications from the one client. After about a week of it I have to say that it has made me feel much more productive and I have made more use of the external applications than usual. What a great feature !!

Additionally I tailored my home page to have 6 notes apps (in this case views from the main application) – so that I can have a discussion with colleagues from just one screen while look at 6 key metrics that are used to judge workload and resourcing. Absolutely great and no coding required.

I’m now looking at means of pulling data from other notes apps (possibly using jdbc as per my last post) – nice ..