Notes client not synchronising and a Vigor 2820 router nat session

Yesterday I attended a VOIP seminar – interesting in some ways especially in a project I’m working on but just a re-iteration of whats been stabilising in the Telcoms and VOIP world over the last few years. More about that again.

On returning to the office I noticed that my main machine was unable to synchronise with my Notes Domino server. Yet I could see other remote connections to the same server were working fine. After consulting a Notes admin specialist and checking connectivity we were left scratching our heads for a few minutes.

The machine in question could see and communicate with the remote server in a number of ways but just not at the notes replication level. The error messages from the Notes client suggested that it could not find or communicate with the server but comms tests showed otherwise.

At this point I remembered a similar issue with another application and a vigor router  where a cached session in the NAT table was preventing the session from establishing again. So a quick reboot of the router – and lo and behold the client was able to connect to the server !!

This router is going to get a backup and a reflash this weekend – but hopefully this will help someone else.